Surf lesson in Lacanau Océan
with Tengo Frio Surfschool

Initiation, development, private lessons... to each his formula

Surf lessons are tailored to your surf level.

For the beginner total we offer an introductory session of 1:30 which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the elements and start your learning on a good basis. The majority of trainees manage to stand on the board at the end of the session.

If you have already practiced and want to progress, Geoffroy will know exactly how to take you to the next level by offering advanced classes to your level and the conditions of waves.

Finally, those who wish a follow-up and accompaniment of all the moments will be able to opt for a particular course of surfing. From 1 to 3 people, progress guaranteed !

cours de surf collectif à lacanau

What kind of surf lesson suits you the best ?

cours de surf pour débutant à lacanau ocean

Initiation course

Each "discovery" session has two objectives: to familiarize you with often new elements (ocean, waves, board) and of course to give you a good technical basis to succeed in putting yourself on the board at the end of the session.

A short theoretical part is also part of each session: weather, wave formation, knowledge of the material will no longer be a secret for you at the end of the course.

cours de surf de perfectionnement sur la plage de lacanau

Advanced Class

The refresher course is for those who already know how to stand up and want to continue learning to surf.

The objective of these sessions is also two-fold: to learn the different stages that will allow you to follow a wave in its length (placement, choice of wave, take off, bottom turn, speeding), make you autonomous surfers who can then buy or rent their own equipment safely.

cours particulier de surf à lacanau avec tengo frio surfschool

Private lesson

The particular surf course is for beginners as well as experienced ones. Open from 1 to 3 people maximum, it ensures an optimal follow-up of Geoffroy for an accelerated progression. Whether on the sand or in the water with you, Geoffroy will accompany you in every step of your progression, giving you more than 20 years of experience on the waves of Lacanau.

Cours de surf et de yoga sur la plage de Lacanau Océan

Surf & Yoga courses

Without knowing it, Geoffroy practices Yoga since always. His Yoga. Activity very beneficial for the physical, psychic, and even spiritual health. Complementary to the practice of surfing, it can be integrated into a Surf Therapy. Some postures are particularly useful for stretching muscle areas contracted after a surf session. Recently he has decided to adapt his surf lessons and offer his clients a mix of "Surf & Yoga". Recently labeled "Yoga Alliance" the school works closely with a certified yoga teacher who provide yoga classes in Lacanau. Warm up your carpets.