5 days surf courses in Lacanau
to progress with Tengo Frio

For an optimal follow-up, go for a surf course with Tengo Frio

If you have the chance to spend several days of vacation in Lacanau a surf course is the ideal formula for you to break out and progress.

Indeed, unlike a simple course, the surf course (5 courses) allows to set up a program of learning and perfect development, step by step.

Generally on 5 days, these courses also have the advantage of ensuring you practice in different wave conditions, essential step to become a real surfer.

un stage de surf à lacanau chez tengo frio surfschool

Our 5 days surf courses are for everyone

stage de surf pour débutant à lacanau

Beginner surf courses

Our beginner surf courses are for those who have never stepped on board. You will learn during this internship the technical and theoretical bases that every apprentice surfer must know :

  • know how to move safely with your board in different conditions
  • master the straightening technique on the board in whitewater waves
  • learn the different steps necessary to take smooth wave: positioning, paddling, take off

stage de surf perfectionnement pour surfeur confirmé à lacanau

Advanced course

Our advanced surfing courses are for those who already know how to stand on a smooth wave :

  • optimization of smooth wave taking: positioning, wave choice, paddle, take off
  • mastering the bottom turn and directional frontside and backside initiation to speeding techniques on the wave
  • learning basic maneuvers: roller, floater, re-entry, cut back

famille en plein stage de surf avec tengo frio surfschool à lacanau océan

Family courses

You do not have the same level but the desire to surf together with family or friends? No worries Geoffroy will adapt his pedagogy and provide personalized exercises to everyone.

Come surf 1h30 each day of the course and progress together. A moment of sharing, laughter and gliding with family or friends.

Who will be the best ?!