Surfing in Lacanau Océan
an essential activity

Lacanau Ocean surfing hot spot in France and around the world

Lacanau is known worldwide in the world of surfing, thanks to the "Lacanau Pro", the oldest professional surfing competition in France. Created by some members of the "Lacanau Surf Club" in 1979, it is the desire to share the beautiful waves of Lacanau with the best surfers in the world that is at the origin of its creation.

Since then surfing has largely developed in Lacanau, seeing the creation of many surf shops, surf schools, surf bars ... etc. At the same time favored by the tourism in summer and the proximity of Bordeaux, the surfing population Canaulaise does not stop to grow, fortunately well framed by the numerous professional structures of the seaside resort: schools, clubs, club of rescue, station of emergency... etc. Lacanau loves surfing and it feels like !

plage de lacanau océan vue du ciel

Why learn to surf at Lacanau Océan ?

petites vagues à lacanau idéales pour apprendre à surfer

Ideal learning conditions

The waves of Lacanau are ideal for learning to surf. Firstly because they are usually small, especially in summer, allowing beginners to practice more easily. Another advantage is sandy bottoms, also known as sandbanks, which generally offer waves with gentle slopes and no risk in the event of a fall. Finally, the surfers of Lacanau have the chance to enjoy temperate water all year long, and even hot in summer (23 ° C on average).

apprenti surfeur sous la surveillance du moniteur de tengo frio surfschool à lacanau

A practice of surfing safely

What a pleasure to surf in Lacanau without worrying about the seabed! Indeed, only the sand awaits you under water in case of fall, so you have nothing to fear. And believe us, this is not the case everywhere in the world. In addition, the city of Lacanau pays particular attention to the safety of bathers and surfers. Delimited practice areas, several rescue stations, instructors all qualified and trained in first aid, you are in good hands to learn how to surf in Lacanau.

lacanau label ville de surf par la federation française de surf

An ubiquitous surf culture

You will realize very quickly, surfing in Lacanau is omnipresent. Surf bars, surf shops, surf schools, young blond heads board under the arm ... everything here breathes surf and its culture. Even in winter it is not uncommon to have about a hundred surfers in the water on all the spots of Lacanau. True French capital of surfing it would be a shame not to enjoy your holidays in Lacanau to learn to slide on the waves, with Tengo Frio Surfschool of course !